Axleboy Custom Jeep Gladiator: Genright Fenders and Bumpers

So we're back here at Axle Goy Offroad in O'Fallon, Missouri and we've got our 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S that is still S as in stock. It's completely stocked. The only thing that we've changed so far is we've taken the spare tire off.


I think to fit the speed sensors or something on these new wheels.


But we've been unboxing and the new modification parts have been coming in from some of our great partners on this build and we've got some stuff here from GenRight Offroad. Why don't you tell us about what we have here, Scott?

So we're going to do fenders and bumpers and inner fenders from GenRight Offroad and we chose GenRight because this is all US made stuff. It's the highest quality stuff that you can get. It's going to have the best fitment, the best finish. The welds are second to none. It's just really the top of the line product and nobody can even come close. What we've got here, we're going to do all front and rear fenders on it.

These flares, they're solid aluminum, so they're ... Everything is simple. We've got heavy tubing, we've got aluminum plate. As you can tell, the fit and finish on this thing is 100%. When you go look at the welds, it's like a Rowan Nichols there. They just do ... Nobody has GenRight welds. They're simply the best in the market.

Now these are made out of aluminum.


And they're going to replace these plastic fenders that came stock.

Exactly. Exactly. And we're going to do that for two reasons. One, so they're more durable. So if we were to be off road and we were to like get into a tree or something or anything, we're going to be protected. And the other reason we're going to do it is for tire cleanness. So we're going to be able to fit 37s with virtually no lift on it at all. It's going to be a real nice deal.

On the inside we're going to do the GenRight inner fenders. I left the polyfilm on there just to kind of show you how they protect the finish. It's got a really nice grate in there. We're going to do the same black and orange theme. It's going ... This is going to be black and then that grate in there is going to be painted orange and it's just going to look amazing. It's going to make the logos pop and go with our color theme.

A lot of times people want to know what this stuff looks like when it comes out of the box and the reason I bring that up is a lot of the import brands that are out there, when you get them in from the shipping department, they're just destroyed. Just destroyed. And I just kind of wanted to show off how GenRight does it.

So inside the GenRight box, it's packed. Everything's packed heavily with craft packaging. Everything's wrapped in foam and then it's wrapped in like the saran wrap shipping tape.

You got all the parts here?

All the parts and the instructions are everything in there. And this is one of those kits that you're never having to call and say, "Oh, I didn't get this, or I didn't get that." Like everything's always in the package. They just do a really nice job. The shipping department has great quality control.

Quality assurance.


That's what it's all about.

And again.

So we're also going to paint these?

We are. We are. We're going to do the tube and the underside's all going to be black and then we're going to paint the top side, the flat piece will be orange to match the vehicle.

To match?



Yeah, so it's going to be great. Great colors.

Well I can't wait to get started. Thanks again to GenRight offroad. to learn more, you can come to