Axleboy Custom Jeep Gladiator: Revolution Gear and Axle

So we're back inside Axleboy Off Road with our 2020 Gladiator Sport. The only thing that's changed so far on the Sport is we've taken the spare tire off. But in the meantime we've been doing a lot of unboxing. First thing you want to talk about with Scott Carline from Axleboy Off Road is we've unboxed the Revolution Gears and Axle parts.

Yeah. So first thing I want to do is just thank Revolution Gear for partnering with us on this build. I've got a couple of parts here we're going to regear to 4.88s to get our power back from putting on 37 inch tires and we're going to protect those new gears with a heavy duty reinforced differential covers. So these are obviously extremely thick. They're nicely welded. We can slam this into whatever we want and we're not going to have to worry about damaging these brand new gears.

So that's a nice addition. Not to mention the rigidity is going to help add some stability to this intersection of the differential. So have some plans to stay with that theme. We're going to do it black with an orange R on it. We want to keep it color coordinated. So that's the differential cover. We've got one for the front and for the rear. We're going to take a look at their master install kit. As you can see, everything's packaged really nice. So inside this master kit, we've got everything we need to install ring and pinion. We've got even down to the tube of a gasket maker gear marking compound.

Inside of our kit we've got new bearings. These are all Timken bearings in here. It looks like we might have a couple of Koyos. Koyo and Timkin would be brands that are used by the OEM manufacturer. We've got a new pinion seal, sleeves, collapsible spacer, ring gear bolts, red lock tight, brush. Pretty much everything you can think of that we're going to need to get a differential build.

It's all a heat shrinked down to a card so you can rest assured it's all contained and not going to fall out of the box. So we're going to take a look at the gear set here. So again, we have some really nice colorful packaging. So in here we can see how nicely packaged this ring and pinion is. Nothing's going to get damaged in shipping. We've got a new pinion gear. These are 4.88s for a Dana 44. New ring gear, one of the things that we liked the most about the Revolution Gears is the setup is so simple. Here at Axleboy we set up tons and tons of different manufacturer ring and pinions and typically we can get a good pattern on Revolution Gear in one move.

Some of the other ones, the China gears and some of the cheaper gears we'll get into when it takes three and four setups to get a pattern right. With Revolution, we know it's always going to be good. You can always see the pattern on the tooth of the gear that they ran it at and it makes it really simple to get in there and get it done. Again, super high quality pieces. They're priced right, they're reliable. This is good stuff. What do you think?

Ready to put it on.

I am too. Let's get a dial indicator and stuff and get going. All right?

All right. So thanks to Revolution Gear and Axle. If you want to learn more about Revolution Gears, just go to or of course you can always visit us at