Axleboy Custom Jeep Gladiator: Rockslide Engineering Step Sliders

Hey guys, it's Scott from Axleboy Offroad. I'm here with Tom from Cole-Dalton Marketing. We're talking about our Gladiator today, the 2020 Sport S. Tom, I know we're going to 37 inch tires.

That's going to be a tall vehicle and I'm not really a tall person.

You're not.

As it turns out.You're not and you're not as young as you used to be either.

That's right.

So I know you said you wanted body protection. You wanted to be able to come down on a rock and not damage this brand-new Jeep. But you didn't want to have to hop and climb and get out stepladders to get in and out of it. So we partnered with Rock Slide Engineering. This is a step slider. Okay? So, it's a powered step, but unlike most of them that you see out there, this one's designed to take a beating, okay?

So it's made out of heavy-duty steel. It's reinforced. We can get this under rocks and not damage it and destroy it. Okay? This is made in the US up in Utah and it is an amazing product. We can open the doors. The step rolls right out. I didn't want to do an unboxing on this because it's too intricate, so we'll cover it a little more when the project is finished. But I thought I'd touch on a couple of things.

So we're going to have a nice step that drops up, and as soon as you close the doors kind of go right back up. It has a LED lighting system. So once you open the door, it's going to light up the step for you, so you're not going to have an issue seeing where you're supposed to go in the dark. And then you're probably going to take the doors off at some point.

Well, what happens then? See, it triggers off of the door. So then your sliders are just stuck down, right?


Wrong. And they've got a bypass switch for us. When we take the door off, we can control the steps manually with a switch that's [inaudible 00:01:38] side.

So we have one of the doors on, there might be an occasion where we wouldn't want to, say we're off-road and we're getting in and out of the vehicle.


And we're near a rock. We wouldn't want it to come down so that-

You could do that. The other thing that I do want to point out is the steps do have, they're not just going to keep trying to lower if they get obstructed. So if they go down, they will actually stop on whatever they hit. They don't keep pushing and break things. So this is a really nice setup. I think you'll be excited when you see them installed and I think your wife and kids will be happy to jump up in it after they're installed.

We'll give you a step that goes from here, here.

Yeah, it goes wheel-to-wheel.

So backseat passengers can also benefit from the step.

Yep. Again, great product. Made in the US, functions as a step, but it's not just cosmetic, pretty piece. It can take a beating. It's going to be perfect.

Great stuff. Rock Slide Engineering, is my best guess.

I think that's it.