Axlegirl Offroad

Here at Axleboy, we have found that a lot more women are getting into the Jeeping lifestyle. We want to make them feel welcome. We want to get their questions answered. We build trust with them and making sure that they feel that they can come to Axleboy and get the service and quality that they're looking for. One thing that we often hear is that at other places or dealerships, they just didn't feel respected, or they didn't get their questions answered. We make sure that that does not happen here at Axleboy.
We make every Jeep enthusiast feel welcome. We have our hardcore wheelers who spends thousands of dollars only to take their Jeep out West to go wheeling, and then we have our daily driver folks who just come in and are looking for simple cosmetic upgrades. We welcome everyone here. We definitely welcome the women here. If you have questions you don't know the answers, we always make sure that we get you the answers that you need to understand why you would do that upgrade, the importance of it, the safety factor of it, and the cost. As when it comes to maintenance and mechanical issues, we definitely make sure that it is well-explained what failed, how much it's going to cost to repair it, and why that's important.
Customers come in and often state that they heard their factory could be void if they do modifications, lift kits, et cetera. That in fact is not true. Your factory bumper-to-bumper warranty stays in place. It just doesn't cover the modified parts in regards to a lift kit or oversized tires, but there is legislation in place that protects you so your bumper-to-bumper warranty is still in fact intact. To learn more, visit us at, and we also have Axlegirl Trail Life and Axleboy Trail Life on Facebook.