AxleGirl is an all-women, hands-on training day which allows girls to ask questions about their Jeeps and organize rides together.

Service Production Manager Michelle Truttman started the first girl garage, and it was a huge success. Within 24 hours, we reached our maximum capacity of 20 ladies.

Michelle realized the need for an all-women training day after being pulled aside by other ladies at clubs and off-road events. They were embarrassed to ask a ‘stupid’ question in front of the guys. Our girl garage gives ladies the opportunity to become comfortable with their Jeeps. No question is a bad question. It’s a safe place for women!

Axle Girl is unique. None of our competitors have anything quite like it. It’s a very informative event and a place to build relationships with other Jeep enthusiasts.

The next event will be held in July. The date is coming soon!

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