Intro Gladiator Build 2020

Hi, I'm Tom Shipley. I've been working with Axleboy Offroad to help them with their marketing efforts over the last year, and for 2020, we've landed on a big idea to get the word out about Axleboy Offroad throughout the St. Louis region and we're going to do a special custom build of a brand new 2020 Jeep Gladiator.
So this series of videos is going to take you along for the ride. As we first take delivery of the Gladiator, we're going to do a walk around and we're going to assess everything that it has when it comes right off the dealer's lot and we're going to talk through all the things that we're going to do to make that Gladiator bespoke for our needs.
It's not going to be designed to be a rock crawler, but it's not necessarily a mall crawler either. We want it to be the right vehicle for the outdoor enthusiast that has an outdoor lifestyle. They like to fish, they like to camp, they like to paddle. They might like to mountain bike or even go on trail runs.
The spec of the Gladiator is going to be designed to stand out because we want to get the word out about Axleboy and we want to make an impact, but we also want it to be purpose-built. And at the end of the project, it's going to be a higher quality build and a more custom build than anything you could order directly from the dealer. And Scott Carline is going to talk to us about all the things to look for and all the things that need to be upgraded now, some of the things that can be upgraded later so that we have a fantastic build that stands out and meets the needs of the outdoor enthusiasts.
So make sure to click the subscribe button and follow us here on YouTube. And as soon as that next video gets published, you can watch it right away and continue with us on this road to the ultimate 2020 Jeep Gladiator Axleboy Offroad build.