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Jeep Accessories

Which of these popular Jeep accessories do you need on your vehicle?

Turn to the pros at Axleboy for your Jeep Accessories, who live and breathe Jeeps and will ensure your 100% satisfaction.

One of the most exciting parts of owning a Jeep is accessorizing it to make it your own. Since the introduction of the Jeep CJ, this vehicle has been popular with those who want a reliable, rugged ride. Today, the Wrangler remains the choice for drivers who enjoy a bit of off-roading or mudding on their days off. The Cherokee and Grand Cherokee have even become staple vehicles for busy moms who appreciate style and comfort.

No matter if you drive an old Renegade or a newer Compass, you probably want to modify it just a bit. Our pro team at Axleboy wants to help you do just that. We handle all Jeep models—both past and present—and are happy to guide you through the modification process.

Explore Popular Body Modifications

Jeep Accessories

As a Jeep owner, you probably notice every other Jeep that passes you on the road. If you’ve ever found yourself in awe of the modifications you’ve seen on another vehicle, then it’s time to visit Axleboy. We offer a full menu of exterior upgrades for any model.

A few of our favorites include:

  • Jeep Lift Kits: What’s better than a lifted Jeep? Let us raise yours a little higher so you can fully see the road. Our lift kits are available with subtle 2.5” lifts or intimidating 4-6” lifts, depending on your wants and needs.
  • Jeep Wheels and Tires: Once we raise your vehicle, you may need new wheels and tires to ensure you have complete control and traction on the road. We can help you choose the right size and best tread for the driving you do.
  • Jeep Armor: You want to keep the body of your vehicle looking its best. That’s why our clients often request that we install body armor. To keep your exposed rocker panel safe, you need protective rocker sliders. Come in for metal or aluminum fender flares.
  • Jeep Winches: If you ever need to pull something or help out a stuck friend, then you need a winch attached to your front bumper. No off-road driver should go mudding without one. Let us provide the expert winch installation you need.
  • Jeep Differential Lockers: Though Jeeps are 4-wheel drive vehicles, they don’t always turn on all four wheels. Depending on the terrain or angle, you may end up in 2-wheel or even 1-wheel drive. Differential lockers work to lock your tires together to help you get over obstacles while the other wheels continue turning.

Upgrades Galore with the Perfect Accessories

The drivers we serve each use their Jeep for different purposes. At Axleboy, we will help you select additional upgrades that you’ll use for whatever adventures you have in mind.

Here are some of the items you can add to yours:

  • Jeep Tire Covers and Spare Tire Covers: When you go out on the road, you need to bring a spare. We sell a variety of tire covers to keep yours protected and ready when you need it.
  • Jeep Side Steps: If you or a passenger is on the shorter side, side steps are a must. These will give you an added boost and make hopping in easy.
  • Exterior Jeep Lights: When the sun goes down, you need to see ahead. Let us install more powerful exterior lights to make sure you can see as far as you need to, even on the darkest night.
  • Interior Lighting: You also need to be able to see inside your vehicle. If you want more interior lighting, check out our Jeep light bars. These bars are a modern way to light up the features on the inside.
  • Jeep Racks: If you're going on a trip or simply carry a lot of cargo, you’ll never have enough room inside your vehicle. We install a wide range of racks to provide you with loads of additional cargo space.
  • Jeep Tow Bars & Tow Kits: Whether you need your Jeep to tow stuff or you want to attach your vehicle to a motor home, we have you covered. Our tow bars and tow kits make it possible to tow or have someone tow you.
  • Jeep Audio Systems: Do you like to crank up the tunes when you drive – even with the top off? You need something better than a stock radio. Let us upgrade your audio to a new system from JL Audio. The sound quality will blow you away.

Modifications to Match Your Personality

One of the best things about driving a Jeep is the ability to show off your personality with modifications such as custom covers. When you open the doors, the seats are what you’ll see first. We can install customized Jeep seat covers in any color you want. We even sell pink Jeep accessories! If you want to modify other parts of the interior, don't hesitate to ask. Jeeps are an equal opportunity ride for sure, and we have interior accessories for everyone.

As for the outside of your vehicle, we can install new parts from top to bottom. Some of our clients want new Jeep bumpers, and we’re happy to oblige. The bumpers we install not only look great, but they’re also strong and durable. Want a high-quality fender? Look no further. We only sell metal aftermarket Jeep fenders. You don't have to worry about buying inferior plastic parts. Our accessories will stand the test of time.

Jeeps have a standard seven-slat grill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change yours up a bit. We sell a variety of Jeep grills, including inserts and overlays. Installing a different grill will instantly bring new life to your vehicle. It’s one of the most popular aesthetic upgrades. Of course, nothing goes better with a new grill better than an updated hood. From vented to performance Jeep hoods, we have them all. Installing a different hood will also change the aerodynamics when you’re cruising down the road.

Tops are another change that’s popular with our clients. If you own an open-top Wrangler, for example, you don’t want to get caught out in the rain. We sell and install both hard and soft Jeep tops. What you choose depends on which look you like and how you drive your Jeep.

Find the Best Accessories for Your Jeep

While this list may seem overwhelming—especially if you’re a Jeep novice—our team can simplify it for you. At Axleboy, we have the knowledge and experience to help every client pick the best accessories for how and where they drive.

Instead of blindly suggesting accessories, we make recommendations based on what you need and want out of your vehicle. Not exactly sure what you want or need? No worries! We can help narrow down upgrade choices to make sure you end up with what’s going to work best for you.

Jeeps are what we know best, and we love sharing our wealth of information with our customers. When you come to Axleboy, you’ll find the highest quality Jeep accessories and the most skilled mechanics. We’re ready to customize your vehicle! Browse our massive selection of accessories; then contact us for the modifications, upgrades, and accessories to take your Jeep to the next level.