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We Are Your Official Dealer of iKamper Award Winning Rooftop Tents.

More and more of our customers are taking their offroad adventures beyond the "day trip" and becoming "overlanders". Overlanding is about getting further off the grid, but with gear that makes the trip comfortable and memorable. Roof Top Tents (RTT's) are a great way to bring comfortable sleep and shelter with you on the trail.

Toyota showcasing a new roof top tent.

We did our research and concluded the best RTT's out there are from iKamper. And then we met the folks from iKamper and we agreed Axleboy Offroad is the perfect fit for iKamper. 

Contact us today to help you select the right iKamper RTT for you. We can also get it installed on your rig to it looks great up or down!

What Makes iKamper Rooftop Tents The Best?

iKamper Skycamp tents use the highest quality, waterproof fabric and feature a fiber-reinforced hard-shell top. All of the components are aluminum or stainless-steel metal to prevent rust.

The extension floor rolls out to reveal a comfortable king size mattress
Pillows and blankets can be left inside the tent when it's closed.
The floor is made of aluminum honeycomb panels that are extremely strong and hold up to 900 pounds.
Skycamp weighs only 150 lbs. including the ladder and mattress so 2 people can easily mount it in a few minutes.

The mounting system is compatible with most crossbars and roof racks.

The tent can be deployed on the campsite in under a minute.
One person can open it or close it.

The fiber-reinforced hard shell is aerodynamic, lightweight, and available in glossy black or white

You can also add an awning, annex room, shoe rack, storage shelves, and a wind deflector

Contact us today to select the right iKamper Skycamp for you!