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#1 Lift Kits & Lift Kit Installation Service in the St. Louis Region for Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and More!

No matter your make or model of Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, or Dodge... Axleboy Offroad is your trusted source for truck lift kits and suspension upgrades in the Greater St. Louis Area. Our experts not only consult and sell top-of-the-line lift kits, but we also perform a professional installation to ensure your rig is perfectly lifted and 100% adventure-ready.

Maybe you love the rugged look of a raised truck. Or perhaps you want to take advantage of suspension upgrade benefits like higher ground clearance and enhanced hauling capacity. Let the Axleboy Offroad team ensure you have the best lift kits to achieve your road-tripping or overlanding goals.

Why You Need Suspension Upgrades

Jeeps suspended in the air, being prepped for custom 4x4 builds.

Are you looking for a way to help your vehicle absorb the never-ending bumps and road irregularities during your daily commute on I-70? Or do you need a lifted truck or SUV to maximize your weekend offroad adventures? A suspension upgrade from Axleboy Offroad is your solution.

Suspension upgrades arm your vehicle with heavy-duty shocks, CV joints, and axles to enhance your ride. Other benefits of suspension upgrades include improved vehicle handling, stability, responsiveness, and the ability to customize the upgrades to achieve your ideal damping and stiffness settings. Axleboy Offroad installs suspension upgrades to transform your truck or SUV into the ride of your dreams.

Lift Kits for Trucks

Shopping for top-of-the-line truck lift kits? From a lifted Ford F150 to a lifted Toyota TRD, Axleboy Offroad connects you with the kits you need without the hassle.
As an aftermarket accessory, lift kits for trucks give your vehicle extra ruggedness and presence on the road. But choosing the right kit and dealing with the installation can be overwhelming.

Axleboy Offroad simplifies the process with professional recommendations and expert installation services. Our team is dedicated to giving you the exact lift kit you want and attentive customer service to exceed your expectations. Watching you drive away in your perfectly lifted Toyota Tacoma is what we live for!

Lift Kits for All Makes and Models

Lift Kit

As the St. Louis Area’s one-stop shop for lift kits for all makes and models, Axleboy Offroad is your trusted partner in long-lasting suspension upgrades and lift kit installation. Count on us for superior lift kits and expert installation services, so you can feel confident when you head out on the open road or rough terrain in your lifted Jeep Cherokee, lifted Chevy Colorado, or lifted Ford Bronco.

Our team’s attention to detail and dedication to your satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. From the first call to our office, you'll notice that we are passionate about lift kits for trucks and SUVs. Why? Because we care about your safe and comfortable journey, whether it’s your daily commute, a cross-country road trip, or your weekend overlanding adventure.

Why Choose Axleboy Offroad for Your Truck Lift Kits

You deserve the best for your vehicle, and Axleboy Offroad has earned a reputation for being the best at what we do. Customers throughout St. Louis and beyond trust us with their suspension upgrades and lift kits because we’ve proven time and time again that we have the knowledge and skills to deliver optimal results. We have over 20 years of experience customizing lifted Jeep Wranglers, lifted Toyota Tacomas, lifted Ford Broncos, and more!

No need to go with an amateur service for your lift kit selection and installation when you can work with the top pros in the industry. Axleboy Offroad consults, sells, and installs it all, so you can enjoy a streamlined, worry-free customer experience. 


The ideal truck lift kit size depends on your driving habits and lifestyle. Height options range from 1.5 inches to 6 inches. To create a truck for the best offroading or overlanding experience, choose a lift kit closer to 6 inches to achieve optimal ground clearance. Axleboy Offroad offers all sizes of truck lift kits for all makes and models. Turn to us for the highest quality products, plus expert installation to meet your needs.

To determine the correct lift kit size for your truck, consider your ultimate goal and review your truck manufacturer’s recommendations. A higher lift is ideal if you plan to take your truck on offroading adventures. But if you are more concerned about aesthetics, you may be happier with a lower lift kit. At Axleboy Offroad, our experts will assess your vehicle to determine the right lift kit size to achieve your goals.

Suspension upgrades offer a multitude of benefits for vehicle owners. Firstly, they enhance performance by improving handling, stability, and responsiveness, allowing for better control during cornering and maneuvering. The right upgrade can also improve off-road capabilities, enabling vehicles to navigate rough terrains with greater ease and stability, providing a smoother, more comfortable ride. Choose Axleboy Offroad to customize your suspension upgrade to personalize your vehicle’s functionality and aesthetics.