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Rooftop Tents & Installation Services for All Makes and Models - Serving the Greater St. Louis Area

Couple of overlanding vehicles showcasing roof top tents.

Your overlanding adventures just got better with rooftop tents from Axleboy Offroad. When you are ready to maximize your offroad experience, our selection of rooftop tents, including the award-winning iKamper, makes your trips more memorable and comfortable. Let the team at Axleboy Offroad assess your needs to help you find the perfect rooftop tent or rooftop camper.

Rooftop Tents

Rooftop tents (RTTs) have become increasingly popular among overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts due to their convenience and versatility. The Axleboy Offroad experts will help you consider factors like weight capacity, installation, interior space, durability, and cost when choosing the best rooftop tent. From a hardshell roof top tent and pop-up tents to hybrid RTTs and car top tents, we help you navigate the options to find your dream RTT.

Looking for 4x4 vehicle-specific rooftop tents? At Axleboy Offroad, you’ll find Toyota 4Runner roof tents, Chevy Colorado rooftop tents, Ford Bronco rooftop tents, and Dodge RAM 1500 rooftop tents.

Toyota 4Runner with a brand new roof top tent.

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for less than top quality for your overlanding vehicle. Turn to Axleboy Offroad for the best rooftop tent selection and attentive customer service to help you make the right choice. Plus, we offer professional overland tent installation to give you optimal results.

iKamper Roof Top Tent

For the ultimate overland tent experience, Axleboy Offroad customers love the award-winning iKamper Skycamp tents. This fiber-reinforced hard shell roof top tent features premium waterproof fabric and rust-resistant stainless-steel or aluminum components. Got a heavy load? The tent floor of the rooftop camper is made of aluminum honeycomb panels that can hold weights up to 900 lbs.

iKamper Rooftop Tents

Comfort features like a king-size mattress that rolls out on an extension floor give overlanders a restful sleep. But, even with all these premium features, the iKamper Skycamp only weighs 150 lbs and is easy for two people to mount in no time.

The Axleboy Offroad team provides expert installation so your iKamper roof top tent will look pristine and perform flawlessly. The mounting system is compatible with most roof racks and crossbars, making iKamper an excellent option for a variety of 4x4s, including Toyota TRD overland tents, Chevy Silverado roof top tents, and Ford F150 roof top tents.

Roof Rack Tent

Do you have a 4x4 with a roof rack system? Let Axleboy Offroad help you find the roof rack tent to enhance your overlanding trips. With our premium selection of products and professional installation services, you’ll know your new roof rack tent is ready to go wherever your journey takes you. You can set up camp virtually anywhere your vehicle can reach!

Enjoy gorgeous views of nature from the comfort of your Toyota Land Cruiser roof rack tent, Ford Ranger roof rack tent, or RAM 2500 roof rack tent. Because they are compact when folded, these overland tents don’t require additional space in your vehicle. What’s more, a roof rack tent is easy to set up and take down, saving you time and effort. No more fumbling with traditional tent set-up!

At Axleboy Offroad, our overlanding experts provide professional roof rack tent recommendations and installation to ensure the perfect fit and functionality. We are the St. Louis Area’s specialists in overland tents, so you can put your trust in our knowledgeable team.

Truck Top Tent

Whether you are looking for a Toyota Tacoma truck top tent, Ford F150 truck top tent, or Dodge RAM 3500 truck top tent, you’ll find exactly what you need at Axleboy Offroad. We make choosing and installing your truck top tent a breeze. Our experts guide you step-by-step through the process, so you can get out and make the most of your next overlanding adventure.

Our attention to detail and personalized customer service mean you don’t have to play trial and error with your truck top tent selection or installation. We are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction and proud to have a long list of satisfied customers throughout Greater St. Louis and beyond. Customers know they can turn to Axleboy Offroad when they want to transform their truck into the ideal overlanding 4x4.

From roof rack tents to rooftop campers, we customize your installation to meet your unique needs and budget. If you are ready to experience the next level in overlanding, choose Axleboy Offroad for the best truck top tent.

Contact us today to select the right iKamper Skycamp for you!