“Axleboy Offroad Let’s Talk About Your Rig”

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The Team

Scott Carline

Scott has been the owner of Axleboy Offroad Performance since April 2004. Prior to that he worked in independent automotive shops from 1988-96 and then spent 10 years as a Jeep dealer technician and shop foreman. So, he really knows his stuff!
Scott’s average day finds him waking up to a cup of his favorite coffee with three Jeeps in the driveway and then he heads off to the shop to review emails and consultation requests. He typically starts off the workday on Axleboy Values, “Making sure I have a clear vision of what we are and how the entire client experience should look.” He places a high priority on his team and makes the morning rounds, focusing on their personal and general life events and happenings. As the morning rush slows down, he then starts his work on Jeep designs and client consultations. He says, “I don’t get as much time in the shop as I might enjoy, but in return, I have made it a point to wear flip flops or sandals to work multiple times a week.” Afternoons usually find Scott working on typical business operations like financials, employee benefits and vendor negotiations.

Scott’s favorite part of his job is seeing the excitement in a client’s eyes as he and the team work through planning and building their dream vehicle. He says, “I like to interpret their vision and put on a blank canvas with a new Jeep. I literally could talk about Jeeps, Jeep people, and the lifestyle all day.”
In his downtime, Scott (probably not surprisingly) spends a lot of time in a Jeep, on and off road. His wife and kids usually join in on the Jeeping trips, making it a whole-family experience. “Some parents say they have their own soccer or baseball team,” he says. “I have my own Jeep-a-van on the trails. I’d choose a campfire and the woods over stress and city life any day of the week.”
Scott is married to Paula, and they have a son, Tommy, and daughters Bailey and Katie, as well as their dog Rubicon. Tommy and Katie are very active in the daily business, and Bailey lends a hand at events and presentations.

Tommy Carline

Tommy is a lifelong Jeep enthusiast, and he grew up helping around the shop. He’s watched AxleBoy grow from his dad, Scott, working on Jeeps in their home’s garage after he got off work into the 14-bay shop it is today. He started as a kid by helping Scott work on Jeeps and cleaning up after him to doing what he does now, building customers’ dream Jeeps.
Tommy starts the average day managing emails and voicemails from customers and checking in vehicles that were dropped off overnight. Throughout the day he works on proposals, updates customers on their vehicles, and writing up service tickets. He also helps our customers find exactly what they want so they can build their dream Jeeps. Then he sources the parts and gets their Jeeps in the shop.
He says the best part of the job is, “When the customer can pick up their Jeep and it’s completely transformed.”
Tommy lives in Saint Charles with a snake, three cats, and a bearded dragon. He spends his free time with family and friends as well as building his own dream Jeep. He’s a graduate of Fort Zumwalt East High School.

Katie Carline

Katie has been surrounded by Jeeps the majority of her life and is a Jeep enthusiast much like her dad, Scott, and brother, Tommy. Growing up around the shop, she always helped out any way she could, and in 2018 she assumed the role of Marketing Manager. As the Marketing Manager, Katie is responsible for managing Axleboy’s social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites.

In addition to being the Marketing Manager, she is also studying Business Administration at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her favorite part of work is taking the before and after shots and seeing the transformation of the vehicles into something unique and personal. On the weekends, she can be found out on the trails Jeeping with her family or out of town at off-roading events across the country.