4X4 Spring Maintenance Tips

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and before you know it, you’ll be hitting the trails in your 4×4. Because your vehicle takes much more abuse than a typical car that does strictly highway driving, 4×4 spring maintenance is a must before you head off into the wilderness. 

Is your 4X4 ready for adventure? Below are the 4X4 spring maintenance tasks you should tackle this season before you head off into a summer of off-roading fun.

Change the Oil

This tip is great for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but especially for 4X4s. Off-roading puts a huge amount of stress on the engine when using lower gears increases torque — and wear and tear on your engine. Keeping the oil clean will help the engine perform more smoothly and with more power. The best way to know when to change your oil is by checking the owner’s manual and keeping up with scheduled oil changes as recommended. 

Check the Tires

Balance checks and tire rotations are another part of 4X4 ownership. Front tires wear differently from back tires, so to keep the vehicle running smoothly tires should be rotated frequently. While your mechanic is at it, ask to have the tires balanced as well. Improper wear and tear on tires can lead to suspension issues, which are costly to repair.

Perform Alignment

How the tires align also impacts wear and tear, along with gas mileage, traction, and tread integrity. If your steering wheel pulls to one side or the other, it’s time to bring in your 4X4 for a realignment. Although misalignment could also be caused by uneven tire pressure, it’s worth it to have a professional take a look at things.

Check Fluids and Filters

Don’t even think about heading off-roading without checking and refilling fluids in your 4X4. The most important level to check is the oil; the last thing you want is to get stranded in the wide-open outdoors. Coolant levels are also important; top off windshield wiper fluid, too. Air filters that prevent contaminants from entering the engine need to be swapped out as well.

Inspect Brakes

Take a hose and rinse off your wheels to inspect the brakes/ Take a look at pads, calipers, and brake lines. Is there any damage or rust? Is your 4X4 making strange noises when you come to a stop? Brake failure can be catastrophic when you’re off-roading; if you see anything suspicious, it’s time to call a mechanic.

Clean Your 4X4

While you’re hosing off your wheels, why not clean the whole thing? Thoroughly wash and dry your 4X4 and all of your recovery gear, like your winch and tow line. Don’t miss the undercarriage, either. Thoroughly inspect all of the major parts and keep a close eye out for rust, dents, or damage.

Try Out the AC

After a long winter sitting, either outside or in a garage, the air conditioning in your 4X4 may not be ready to keep up with warm spring and summer weather. When the AC isn’t performing well, it can also cause stress on the engine and speed up wear and tear — not to mention being uncomfortable for drivers and passengers. 

Invest In Mods

While addressing your 4×4 spring maintenance, talk to a mechanic about installing any mods that you’ve had your eye on during the winter or changing out winter-weather tires for a set that’s more appropriate for summer off-roading. The key here is allowing the experts to mod your 4X4 because they have the experience and tools to get it done right, the first time.

Our experienced team at Axleboy is always ready to welcome you and your vehicle. We value your business, and we want to share our passion for 4X4s with you. Also, it’s also our promise to provide you with courteous and helpful service. That’s why we provide our clients with trusted custom consulting.

One thing we know from our years in business is that every client is different. How you choose to drive your vehicle is different from the next person. And, there’s nothing wrong with that! We feel that’s one reason why it’s so special to own a 4X4. Ready to get your vehicle ready for a fun-filled spring and summer off-roading? Make an appointment today!