Does Your 4X4 Need New Tires?

How long has it been since you replaced the tires on your 4×4? If you have a newer vehicle or one that’s new to you, likely, you’ve not yet had to replace them. Because the tires on your 4×4 are different from those on traditional cars, it’s important to do a little research before making a purchase – here’s what you need to know.

Stock and Lift

The right tires will not only maintain your 4×4 efficiency but will also protect the environment when you’re off-roading. If you’re starting out with a stock set, you need to identify the size you currently have to know what upgrades you can choose. If you have a lift kit, keep that in mind to know how tall of a tire you can select.

Daily Driving

If you’re planning to use your 4×4 as a daily driver, you’ll need to choose a set that can handle both rugged terrain and pavement with minimal wear and tear. Tires that work well in mud will be noisy on the highway, and pavement-only tires could lack the traction needed on the trails. Talk to us about choosing a set that’s a good compromise without sacrificing grip or noise levels.

All Terrain Tires

If you’re planning to use your 4×4 primarily for pavement driving, you’ll want to look into all-terrain tires. These are the factory set on many 4x4s and other SUVs, and while they are designed for paved road use, they can also navigate well in inclement weather and some “easy” off-road trails. While all-terrain tires are great for sand and beaches, they may not offer enough traction for muddy environments.

Off-Road Tires

Mud tires for 4x4s have pretty heavy tread, with deeper channels that can easily dig through sludge and mud without losing traction. If you’re the type of driver that takes your vehicle mainly off-road, these might be your best choice. The tread patterns on them are also great for rocky terrains. They can protect tires from possible punctures, and they conform better to the trail’s topography.

Winter Weather Tires

For climates and adventures that include snow and ice, a good set of winter tires could be better than even the best mud or off-road 4×4 ones. Not only will they offer better traction on slippery surfaces, but you’ll also find that they provide shorter stopping distance, improved turning, and better acceleration. Don’t forget your winch when you go on winter adventures, regardless of how good they might be!

Under Pressure

Don’t overlook the importance of airing down. Even if you have the right tires for your chosen terrain, changing the tire pressure by airing down can increase vehicle and tire performance. Lowering pressure can widen your tire’s footprint and allow it to flex and conform to the terrain more. Just remember not to lower it too much and increase pressure before taking your 4×4 back on the pavement. 

Airing down is especially important if you plan to take your 4×4 to the beach or through the sand. Wider tires are an excellent choice for these trips, but you can also air down for increased traction, better weight distribution, and less spin-out when you accelerate. Just make sure not to gun it too hard because you’ll dig yourself into a hole instead of taking off.

More Than Just Tires

No matter which trails you travel or the tires you choose, you shouldn’t go off-roading without some essential preparations. If you’ve never been before, it could be worth taking a course. Don’t overlook the importance of a winch kit to help in case you get stuck and a first-aid kit (just in case). Respect the nature around you and stay on the designated trails. 

How you choose to use your 4×4 is an important part of knowing which tires you need. Axleboy technicians work with clients who use their vehicle for school carpool and drivers who want to take their Jeep camping down by the river on the weekends. Once we learn where you plan on driving, we can help you pick out tires that will give you the most control of your vehicle.

When you come to us, we’ll work with you to determine what type of tires best fit your purposes. After choosing the right tire options for your model, we’ll expertly mount and balance them. Contact us today to get the best tires for your ride!