Top Off-Road Mods for 4x4s

We know you love Jeeps — we do too — but we also know that there are plenty of other 4x4s out there. Toyota, Chevy, Ford; the list of automakers that have at least one 4×4 in their lineup goes on and on, but the fun of off-roading remains the same. Regardless of your preference, you still need a handful of off-road mods for 4x4s to make sure they’re ready for off-road adventures. 



Before you get any other mod installed on your 4×4, invest in a winch — seriously. Sure, it will help your buddies get unstuck, but it also may help save lives at one point. There is a range of options based on quality and price, but don’t overlook the importance of having a professional installing it.



How extreme do you want to get in your 4×4? Your answer will help you decide what kind of tires you need, but go with all-terrain tires if you’re not planning on getting too crazy. You could get mud or hybrid tires with tread patterns that will dig through the elements, or a set of hybrids that work for highway driving, too.

Full-Size Spare Tire

On that note, you’ll need an extra full-size spare tire on board. Even with the highest quality tires on your 4×4, you never know what mother nature can throw at you and whether or not a spare can handle the challenge. Stability and traction control are also impacted when all the tires aren’t the same size. Don’t forget the tools to change those tires!


Tow Points


If you’re offroading, it’s not a matter of if your 4×4 will get stuck, but a matter of when. Your 4×4 needs front and rear tow points. Even better, put one at every corner, and make sure that it is forged and able to allow for loop-style tows. The bumpers can also be upgraded to include tow points with removable shackles for easier use.

Recovery Straps

What good are tow points without straps? While there are plenty of options, not all are created equal in terms of functionality and quality. Kinetic straps stretch up to 30% of their original length and reduce jerking that can harm your 4×4 or gear. Traditional nylon tow ropes are better for rescues in confined spaces, but don’t use them for a yank tow.

Auxiliary Lights

Tackling off-road trails at night takes more than just headlights, even if they are LED. Mod out your 4×4 with auxiliary lighting like light bars or flood and cube lights to illuminate your path and keep you safe. Remember: A lumen count signifies brightness; the higher the lumen, the brighter the bulb.

Suspension Kits

Off-roading can be rough on your 4×4, but it shouldn’t be rough on your back. Get a quality suspension kit to help improve the ride for driver and passengers and create clearance that will prevent rough terrain from tearing up your vehicle. Air suspension can allow the driver to raise or lower the vehicle as needed for those that do highway driving as well.

Skid Plate

Off-roading exposes your 4×4’s undercarriage to all sorts of elements that can damage your radiator, engine pan, and drive train. Getting a skid plate installed adds a buffer that will let you have peace of mind on even the roughest trails.

Roof Rack

Where will you store your offroading gear when your 4×4 is full of passengers? On the roof, of course! A high-quality, professionally-installed roof rack will allow you to max out the capacity inside with added storage on top. That way you can pack more and stay out on the trails even longer.

Rocker Protection

Rocker panels are the strong metal pieces that run along your 4×4 from the front tire to the back, on each side. Rocker guards are made of steel plates that are fit to the contours of your vehicle and protect the structural and aesthetic integrity.

However you decide to mod out your 4×4, make sure to bring it to an experienced professional. Our full-service automotive facility and team of experts are constantly studying the latest trends and researching new-product manufacturers. We own the responsibility of providing our clients with the highest quality parts and most dependable service — get in touch.