4×4 and Offroading New Year’s Resolutions

Who says New Year’s Resolutions always have to be about eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and getting in shape? You should add a few “fun” resolutions to your 2023 list! Adding some enjoyable goals can help make your more difficult ones easier to accomplish. So here are five 4×4 and offroading New Year’ resolutions you might want to achieve in 2023!

Cross Off Some Bucket List Items

2023 is a fantastic time to start crossing off some of your offroading bucket list items! Has there always been a trail you wanted to see or a place you wanted to visit in your 4×4? This is the year to make it happen.

If you don’t have a list of places to visit, it’s not too late to start one. The locations can be local to you, from all over the country, or even the world! It’s entirely up to you – you may not get to see them all, but you won’t make any progress unless you start.

 Some commonly suggested offroad destinations include:

  • Moab Utah
  • Imogene Pass in Telluride, Colorado
  • Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania
  • Dunes OHV area, New Mexico
  • Rubicon Trail, Sierra Nevada
  • Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in Glamis, California
  • Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, Michigan

If you’re having trouble getting to those big-name places, start small. Maybe there’s a trail you have never visited in your area you always wanted to but never got the chance to. Now is the time to do so!

Get the Gear You Need (or Want)

What offroad gear is missing from your 4×4 or your garage? Saving up is an excellent New Year’s Resolution, and while you’re saving up your emergency and retirement funds, you can also be saving up for a treat. From rooftop tents to lift kits for your Jeep, there are always accessories you might be craving to add to your 4×4. Some may even be looking to buy a completely new rig! Whether it’s a small or large piece of gear, it’s something to look forward to in 2023.

Regarding this resolution, you can decide to treat yourself, but you may also want to ask for some missing gear during the holiday season! It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Get Out More Often

As much as we love it, we probably don’t get out mudding as much as we’d like. With life, family, work, responsibilities, and everything else, it can sometimes take a backseat. But by making a resolution (and sticking with it), you might find a bit of extra time to fit your love for offroading in a little more.

You might want to plan for weekly trips, monthly, or bimonthly, but even if you get out in your 4×4 one more time in 2023 than you did in 2022, that can be a success!

Take Care of Needed Maintenance

Have you been putting off that much-needed maintenance since it’s not a “problem” yet? Unchecked issues with offroad vehicles can lead to more significant issues later, even if they may seem minor. Tackling repairs, preventative maintenance, and more ASAP can lead to a longer life for your 4×4 and increased safety.

This may not be the most “fun” New Year’s resolution, but your vehicle will thank you for it!

Introduce Someone Else to Offroading

You likely already have buddies who love offroading, but what about introducing another to the fun? You probably know someone who would enjoy it; they just have to be asked. Consider talking to friends, co-workers, and family members who you think may be interested in offroading and see if they’d like to join you for an outing or two. You will gain a buddy for your 4×4 and help them find their new passion.

Resolutions for the new year tend to be about health, well-being, and personal improvements. We often forget that resolutions can be fun, too! How will you incorporate offroading into your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions?

Whether you want to treat yourself or introduce someone to offroading, we have you covered, especially for the holidays and the start of the new year. Find lift kits, rooftop tents, tow bars, and more all at Axelboy! Contact us today to learn more!