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Dodge RAM 4x4 Offroading & Overlanding Upgrades & Accessories

Welcome to Axleboy Offroad, where we specialize in taking your Dodge RAM to the next level. Whether you own a RAM 1500, 2500, or 3500, or something else, we have the experience and expertise to make your truck the king of the road, and beyond!

Dodge 4X4 Models We Specialize In

Dodge RAM 1500:

This light-duty truck might surprise you with its off-road capabilities, especially once we’ve given it the Axleboy Offroad touch.

Dodge RAM 2500:

Built for more demanding tasks, this truck only gets better with our upgrades, ensuring it performs its best on and off the pavement.

Dodge RAM 3500:

As the heavy-duty member of the RAM family, this beast is built for the toughest challenges. And with our mods? Unstoppable.

Dodge 4x4 Upgrade Services and Offerings

Dodge Lift Kits:

Elevate the stance of your RAM and improve ground clearance with the right Dodge lift kit that will make those rough terrains feel like a walk in the park. We have the top professionals in the area ready to help you choose and install the right lift kit for your Dodge truck.

Dodge Overlanding Equipment:

For the adventurers who believe in taking the road less traveled, we offer top-notch equipment to make your journeys seamless.

Dodge Roof Racks & Rooftop Tents:

Expand your RAM's carrying capacity and camp in style with our rugged and reliable roof solutions.

Dodge Off-road Tires & Wheels:

Equip your Dodge with the best rubber and wheels designed for extreme terrains and conditions.

Dodge Skid Plates:

Shield your vehicle's underbelly from potential harm during your off-road excursions.

Dodge Recovery Mounts:

Get out of sticky situations with ease. Whether you’re stuck in mud or sand, our recovery gear ensures you're never stranded.

Dodge 4x4 Accessories & Upgrades:

From enhanced lighting to better storage solutions, we’ve got a wide range of accessories to customize your truck to your heart's content.

Why Choose Axleboy Offroad?

  • Experience: We're not just another 4x4 shop. Our team is backed by years of hands-on experience, ensuring each upgrade and installation is done to perfection.
  • Quality Assurance: Only the best equipment makes its way to your vehicle. We've partnered with top-tier brands to bring you unparalleled quality.
  • Custom Solutions: We recognize that every adventurer has unique needs. Talk to our team to find a solution tailored just for you.
  • Post-installation Support: Our commitment to you doesn’t end after the upgrades. Experience a smooth ride every time, and if there's an issue? We're just a call away.

At Axleboy Offroad, we believe in transforming your Dodge RAM into a vehicle that doesn't just look great but also performs exceptionally well, no matter the terrain. Ready to revamp your ride? Reach out to us today and let’s make your RAM adventure-ready!

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If you're passionate about taking your Dodge 4x4 to the next level, we invite you to our Dodge 4x4 shop to check out a lift kit, overlanding upgrades and more. Witness firsthand the dedication, skill, and love we put into every project. Let's turn your Ford into a trailblazing beast together!

Frequently Asked Questions For Dodge 4x4 Upgrades

The right lift kit depends on your intended use. For most daily drivers and light off-roading, a spacer or body lift might suffice. For more intense off-roading, a suspension lift is recommended. We offer a range of options for each RAM model and can advise based on your specific needs.
Absolutely! Each RAM model has its unique build and specifications, and we ensure that the overlanding equipment we offer is tailored for a snug and perfect fit.
Generally, off-road tires are heavier and have a larger tread pattern, which can reduce fuel efficiency. However, the exact impact varies based on the tire's design and size. We can help you find a balance between performance and efficiency.
Skid plates are designed to protect your vehicle's underbelly from rough terrains. While they do add some weight, they don't significantly affect the truck's overall performance. The added protection often outweighs the minor weight addition.
Modifying your RAM can affect the warranty, depending on the type and extent of modifications. We always advise checking with your dealership about warranty concerns. Our team ensures all upgrades are done professionally to maintain vehicle integrity.
Yes, we offer rooftop tents that fit all RAM models. Depending on your truck's size and capacity, we'll recommend the perfect tent for your adventures.
Regular maintenance is crucial, especially after adding new equipment. While general service intervals might remain unchanged, it's good practice to inspect off-road additions regularly for any wear or damage.
Yes, we offer a variety of wheel and tire packages tailored for each RAM model. Whether you're looking for something aggressive or a subtle upgrade, we've got you covered.
A lift, in itself, doesn't typically change the towing capacity. However, it can affect the truck's center of gravity and stability. Always be cautious and consult with our experts if you intend to tow with a lifted truck.
While you might not always find yourself in sticky situations, it's always better to be prepared. Recovery mounts and gear ensure you can safely get out of unexpected terrains or situations during off-roading trips.
Regular inspections, cleaning, and following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance will help. Our team can also provide specific tips based on the accessories you choose.

We understand you might have more questions about optimizing your Dodge RAM for the off-road experience. Don't hesitate to reach out, and our expert team will be more than happy to assist!