Great Gifts for Jeep Lovers

Great Gifts for Jeep Lovers! The holidays are right around the corner. Have you crossed everyone off your list yet? Whether you’re looking to score a last-minute gift for the Jeep enthusiast in your life or finding something to splurge on for yourself, we have a few recommendations for off-roaders and overlanders.

When you spend as much time outdoors as you do in your Jeep, you need serious gear that’s seriously easy to pack away and store — and maybe even serves as multi-purpose tools out on the road.

Stocking stuffers for Jeep lovers

Small gifts for Jeep enthusiasts are a great way to show you care without spending a fortune. It’s also a nice finishing touch to a bigger gift. Think about a keychain that can be carried everywhere and reminds them of you. Added features like small tools or LED lights can really come in handy on an off-road adventure.

Another option is a trailer hitch cover to keep the hitch from rusting and the rust from spreading — something that can happen when hitches see a lot of scraping and scratching from frequent towing. Not only is a hitch cover utilitarian, but it can also be personalized to show off a Jeep lover’s true character.

While the state of Missouri requires front and back license plates on Jeeps, you can get an inexpensive plate frame that lets everyone know when they’re coming and going on the road and off. Stick to stainless steel; it’s tough and durable and can withstand whatever the outdoors throws at it.

Great Gifts for Jeep Lovers

Jeep gifts under $50

Know someone who loves to take their top off? (The top of their Jeep, of course!) Removable tops and doors are a great perk for off-roaders, but it’s not always easy to do. Snag a top door removal tool to make quick work of taking it all off. Throw a touch-up pen in the box too, just in case chips and dings happen along the way.

Getting muddy is truly a Jeep Thing, and seat covers can help maintain the interior — even under the dirtiest conditions. Grab a set that matches your Jeep lover’s personality and the vehicle’s other personalizations and paint colors.

While many Jeep gifts under $50 are mostly cosmetic, grab bars fit this price point and can be quite useful. Make sure the sets include handles for front and back seat passengers so everyone has something to hold on to when you take the Jeep over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house and beyond.

When you have $150 to spend

Everyone on the road and on the trails can see your spare tire, so why not cover it up and show off your style? Spare tire covers can add the perfect personalized touch to your modded-out Jeep, and they’re easy to change out depending on your mood. Just make sure the cover you choose is durable; they can take quite a beating.

Upgrading to LED headlights and tail lights is a smart gift, but don’t overlook adding lighting under the wheel wells. This makes a Jeep look awesome and helps illuminate the trail when you’re traveling off-road in the dark. Talk about double-duty! 

For Jeeps registered in Missouri, the front license plate requirement can make it tricky to install a winch. That is, of course, unless your Jeep enthusiast has a bracket that can be easily removed to allow for winch use. Many of these brackets are easily installed and don’t require drilling, so even beginners can get them on and off. 

Great Gifts for Jeep Lovers

Serious Jeep splurges for $500 and under

Know a new Jeep owner who is looking to do some serious modding? Wow them with auxiliary switch systems that can provide enough power for four to six devices. This way they’ll have the ability to customize as they wish and be able to support all the cool gear they’ll ever need. For all models 2005 and newer, remote start kits make a great gift for those cold winter months. 

If you’re a Jeep lover, you already know about Jamping (camping with your Jeep) and you likely have what it takes to brave the outdoors. A retractable awning is a great gift when you want to stay comfortable while setting up a campsite (or jampsite?). It’s also a nice piece of gear to shade you from the elements on a day trip.

While this list is perfect for the holidays, Jeep gifts are perfect for any occasion! Get in touch with our team of pros at any time of the year to talk about other gifts and mods for the Jeep enthusiast in your life — even if that enthusiast happens to be you!