Summer Off-Road Adventures

Summer is just around the corner, and that means the whole family can pile into the Jeep for some off-road adventures in the sun. But before you do that, it’s a smart idea to talk to our team of professionals about which modifications would be best for your vehicle.

As Missouri’s Jeep go-to guys, we are constantly studying the latest trends and researching new-product manufacturers because we own the responsibility of providing our clients with the highest quality parts and most dependable service. To maintain that quality reputation, we have filled our shop with state-of-the-art equipment and the best mechanics in the midwest.

Whether you’re looking to stay close to the St. Louis area or thinking about exploring other parts of the country that may be a little further away, here are some of the best off-road destinations for your summer travel plans.


Near St. Louis

St. Joe State Park

St. Joe is one of just two off-road vehicle parks in the Missouri park system and offers a variety of trails for a range of off-road vehicles. There are also a handful of outdoor activity attractions including four lakes, two swimming beaches, horse riding trails, hiking, biking, and campsites.


Potawatomi is located in Fulton and is open to ATVs, motorcycles, and 4×4 vehicles and offers three motocross tracks, ATV trails, and 4×4 trails. You’ll find campsites at the park next to the lake and a staging area near the entrance off Bartley Lane.

Pruit Mountain Adventures

Pruit Mountain is located in Caledonia and is one of the tallest mountains in the Ozark Mountain range. The park, which is open to all vehicle types, offers 900 acres of various terrain from steep hills to open fields, and also allows camping in certain areas.

Flat Nasty Off-Road Park

Flat Nasty is about two hours from St. Louis and has over 850 acres of off-road trails with amazing views of the Ozark Mountains. This is a popular off-road destination and camping is permitted, plus there’s a log cabin on the premises that’s available to rent.

Moonlight Racing

Located in Sullivan, Moonlight Racing offers over 12 miles of off-roading fun for you, your friends, and your family. There are various types of terrain to tackle with your ATV, UTV, dirtbikes, and most importantly 4×4’s. There’s even a repair shop available in case any parts need to be fixed or replaced.



The Rest of the State

Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch

The Ranch is located about five miles south of Seymour, MO on HWY K. There are miles trails ranging from level 1 easy to level 6 hardcore across over 940 acres, giving every skill level a challenge — new trails are cut daily.

Rush Springs Ranch

All vehicle types and experience levels are welcome at this 70+ acre ranch in Pineville, MO. The ranch also boasts 28 campsites with hookups and 12 rustic cabins plus four boathouse cabins and even offers Jeep driving lessons.


Across The US

Byrd’s Adventure Center

Plan your next 4×4 camp outing, bring your friends and enjoy some of the best off-road trails in Arkansas at Byrd’s. It boasts one of the most challenging 4WD obstacle courses in the nation and was the first ORV park in Arkansas. They offer 4×4 trails for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Mojave Road

This east-west route in Arizona and California is rough and sandy and roads can become slick, muddy, and impassable after rains. All vehicles operating within Mojave National Preserve must be street-legal in accordance with California DMV requirements. 

Washington Backcountry

June through September is the best window for this route and takes most people about five to six days to complete. There are some easy alternate sections to get around difficult stretches with great camp spots along the way for those looking to rough it.



Alpine Loop

This Colorado trail is 63 miles long and passes through seven ghost towns. There’s a rich history in the area and countless scenic views, with a stop-off that’s been dubbed as the “Switzerland of America.”

Rubicon Trail

There’s a reason that Jeep devoted a whole line of vehicles to this California trail. It’s moderately difficult and better for experienced riders who won’t be upset should a little damage occur as a recreational hazard.

Magruder Road Corridor

Starting outside Elk City, Idaho, this trail takes around two days to travel on the way to Montana. Along the way, you’ll have great views of a variety of landscapes and opportunities to camp.

White Rim Trail

This is arguably the most scenic route in Utah, and it’s moderately difficult for even Jeeps with plenty of ground clearance. It’s nearly 100 miles of breathtaking sandstone views and a challenging expedition.