Top Tips for New Jeep Owners

Top Tips for New Jeep Owners. Are you starting the new year off with a new Jeep? If so, welcome to the family! Before you dive right into Jeep ownership, there are a few things you should know about being a member of this special club. 


You’re Officially Living the Jeep Life

Welcome to a world where everything you do revolves around your Jeep. You probably have a picture of it as your phone screensaver — we don’t judge! You’re also likely noticing all of the other Jeeps on the road and taking a closer look at the mods and parts those drivers have chosen. This healthy obsession will start small with a rearview mirror accessory or license plate frame. Before you know it you’ll be waiting for package delivery notifications and checking out every sale for that next Jeep part at a great price. Better start budgeting for your upgrades now!


The Best Jeep is Your Jeep

It’s easy to think that the Jeep model you choose is the best Jeep, and you may be right. However, the best thing about being a Jeep owner is that every vehicle takes on the character of their driver, making each unique. That said, you will encounter a good-natured rivalry among the models. Even though YJs might stick together and XJs have their cult following, you can still ride with different Jeeps. You’ll start to get it the more you drive.


Top Tips for New Jeep Owners


Enjoy Your New Popularity

Let’s face it: Deep down, everyone wants their Jeep. Whether you’re hitting the trails or digging through the snow, all of a sudden new friends will pop out of the woodwork to come along for a ride. Even if you’re just cruising down the road with the top off, people will want to be seen in your Jeep, living vicariously through you. Make sure you charge for gas and don’t forget to bask in the spotlight and enjoy your newfound superstar status.


Beef Up the Security

Sorry, but you can’t just leave things in your car anymore now that you have a Jeep. It may be a slight inconvenience but it’s a small sacrifice for new Jeep owners. Having a soft-top or no top at all is like a neon sign for anyone looking to score with your valuables. Lockboxes, security consoles, and deck enclosures are all smart mods to add to your Jeep so you can have peace of mind for those rare occasions you’re not actually in or nearby your vehicle.


Become a Jeep Club Member

Along with becoming a frequent visitor to Jeep forums, there’s also a good chance that Jeep clubs in your area are looking for new members. Not only are these clubs great resources when you have questions about your vehicle, but they’ll introduce you to fun new friends that will go out on trails with you (don’t ever trail alone). This is a great network to spend time with based on your shared obsession with Jeeps, and you’ll make lifelong friendships and create memories.


Know About the Death Wobble

On big, modified 4×4 vehicles, the front wheels can sometimes wobble from vibration. This means that not all of the parts and mods are aligned properly and working well together. Avoid the Death Wobble by working with a shop that specializes in Jeep work. These are the professionals that will check every part (even the stock parts) to ensure they’re bolted down and up to the tough task of traversing the trails. Better yet, build a relationship with a shop that offers high-quality modifications as well as installation, repair, and maintenance.


Top Tips for New Jeep Owners


Learn the Jeep Wave

Yes, you absolutely MUST wave to other Jeep owners on the road — this comes with the territory of being a Jeep owner. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just a visible hand gesture is enough to let your fellow Jeep loves know you see them and appreciate their taste. This wave is a Jeep thing!

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