What Every New Jeep Owner Should Know

Congratulations on becoming a new Jeep owner — welcome to the family! Whether it’s the newest model off the lot or a well-maintained, pre-loved Jeep, owning one of these vehicles opens up a whole new world for outdoors enthusiasts, overlanders, and even daily commuters. Along with getting your dream car, your Jeep also brings with it several perks so if you’re a new Jeep owner be prepared to take some notes.

Work The Wave

If you’ve ever passed another Jeep on the roads, you likely know the “Jeep Wave.” It’s a special hand signal that carries with it great responsibility and storied history. Some theorize that it was developed by war-era Jeep drivers to differentiate allies from enemies. Others believe that the wave is a symbol of civilian Jeep ownership and recognition of good taste.

There are rules for the wave, too. Initiating the wave is based on the Jeep model hierarchy, and waving has to continue until the other Jeep passes by. Most importantly — Jeep owners have the obligation to return the wave and keep the tradition alive for the next generation.

Jump Into Jamborees

Jeep Jamborees started as an organized Jeep event in 1953, with a trek through the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. You and your family can join any number of Jamborees scheduled around the country to learn more about Jeep ownership and network with other owners and enthusiasts.

Experienced guides help even the newest Jeep drivers navigate through trails that exemplify the benefits of owning a Jeep. Jamborees are created to suit a range of skill and experience levels and attendees of any age.

Join A Jeep Club

You don’t have to look far to find local, regional, and state Jeep clubs and an endless supply of forums to join as well. While there is no substitution for hands-on experience, talking to other Jeep owners can point you in the right direction and offer some great first-person advice.

If you’re looking to mod your new Jeep, try joining a niche Facebook group where you can trade or barter or parts, or make connections with local Jeep experts who can walk you through the modification process. This is a great place to go for references on local mechanics, a must-have (see below).

Find A Good Mechanic

Keeping your new Jeep looking and driving like the day you got it means starting a relationship with a mechanic you can trust. Even though Jeeps are reliable and durable, fixing them properly takes extensive knowledge and experience.

Ongoing care and maintenance are especially important if you’re planning to spend time offroading in your new Jeep. Trails can be tough on your ride, but simple, regular tune-ups with the experts will spot any potential problems and prevent them from becoming more serious, mechanical issues.

Mod It Out

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Jeep is that the customization options are endless. There’s no shortage of mods available to help you create a vehicle that’s perfect for your lifestyle — regardless of whether you prefer on-road or off-road Jeep driving.

Find a local team that will help you find the best mods at the right price, and even install and maintain them. This shouldn’t be just any shop; some people simply sell Jeep upgrades and then there are experts who know exactly what you should and should not do and why.

Have Fun and Relax!

Living in a Jeep world is all about having fun. Explore with your Jeep, connect with other owners and enthusiasts, and have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s maintenance and mods are being handled by professionals who know what your Jeep needs.

As Missouri’s Jeep go-to guys, we are constantly studying the latest trends and researching new-product manufacturers because we own the responsibility of providing our clients with the highest quality parts and most dependable service. To maintain that quality reputation, we have filled our shop with state-of-the-art equipment and the best mechanics in the midwest.

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