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Jeep Re-Gear

Jeep ReGear

Jeep ReGear! Upgrade Those Gears To A Better Ratio!

Jeep ReGear, Every time your Jeep goes up in tire size, it causes a drop in overall engine efficiency, fuel economy and power. Custom Jeeps also tend to carry more weight with the addition of racks, winches, and upgraded spare tire carriers. All of these things can affect your Jeeps’ performance, especially on the highway. Big tires and extra weight can force you to downshift at every hill in a manual or slip in and out of overdrive in an automatic transmission.

Axleboy Off-Road is proud to get your Jeep performance back in peak driving condition by upgrading the differential gears to the optimal ratio for your custom Jeep. Our customers report that gear upgrades from Axleboy result in:

  • Recovery of Lost Power
  • Improved Fuel Mileage
  • Better Towing Capacity
  • Increase Engine Efficiency

Hands down, the most effective way to reclaim lost power and keep your Jeep running more efficiently is to upgrade the differential gear ratio to something that will deliver optimal performance. We can replace both the front and rear axles of your Jeep with premium quality gears. Typical new gear ratios are 4.10.1, 4.56:1, 4.88:1, or 5.13:1.  Our regearing service includes:

  • Front and Rear ring and pinions with master install kits
  • LubeLocker gaskets for both front and rear differentials
  • 80/90 Break-in Oil
  • Axleboy’s 12 month/12,000 mile warranty